Welcome to The University of Tulsa Net Price Calculator!

The University of Tulsa Net Price Calculator was created to help you get a quick estimate of your financial aid eligibility, as well as an estimate of your federal expected family contribution (EFC). This calculator is designed to provide an estimate of your financial eligibility and, hence, of your expected cost. You must be admitted to The University of Tulsa and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.fafsa.gov to receive an official financial aid package.

10 The Calculator will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

To help you complete this process, it would be helpful to have the items listed below.

  • Student and Parent 2013 Income Tax Returns
  • Earnings statements (W2 forms, recent paycheck stubs)
  • Bank and investment account statements
  • Student academic information
    • Cumulative GPA at the time of completing the calculator
    • Standardized test scores if available (SAT/ACT)
    • Class Rank if applicable

All attempts will be made to reduce student loans or work study before adjustments to university funding are made. Therefore, it is important to report outside scholarships as they could potentially cause an adjustment to a student's award package.

*Future costs and financial aid estimates are subject to change. Results of the calculator are not guaranteed and special circumstances are reviewed by the Financial Aid Office. The accuracy of your estimated awards is based on the information you provide. It is intended for undergraduate domestic students. The estimated awards are based on the assumption that the student will complete the FAFSA.

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